Friday, July 06, 2012

Dragons and Fiery Hair by B22

 Anita Bougie of Lake Superior's Dragons Nest in Munising, Michigan handed me quite the assignment. For the store, she wanted a card that included a list of symbolism that represented the store's essence. In order to keep the card readable, I incorporated the symbols into one another and kept the color palette monochromatic so one didn't outpower another. My list of keywords included dragon, astrology, triple goddess moon, pentacles, yin yang and ethereal.

We spoke about Miss Bougie's personal services, and how we could incorporate them into the card. It became clear that there was a need for a separate card for her and what she has to offer personally. We decided that this design could speak more to who she is in her crafts and personality - much more feminine and focusing on her two favorite elements, the color purple and the element of fire. Stop into Lake Superior's Dragons Nest and meet Miss Anita - you'll understand the imagery in a second!

Believe22 Graphic Design focuses on highly customized and one of a kind designs that speak of your essence directly to your audience. Great attention to detail and much research goes into every piece to ensure that you are proud to hand out your card to your customers.

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  1. So beautiful and interesting . The colors are so mystical and moody. Love the design! Makes you want to check the store out and see what's happening here.


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